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Since 1998, Aviation and IT are our typical core business DNA.
 From the begining, we are involved to provide high quality tailored services to our major customers, leader in their own economical sectors.

The SOFTwAIR Group, through its specialised divisions, is always working side by side to develop and support all clients.

Discover why to choose Us to develop and suport your activities.

Discover our divisions and see what makes us so special 

Expertise in Flight Operations.

Transtar Aviation brings, to customers and clients, high quality of services. As former helicopter operator, we provide exact solutions to customers.
Aviation consultancy for infrastructure projects and  helicopter operator: your requirements are our challenge.

Transtar Aviation
Star Aviation Academy

Building your Flight Future.

If you want to learn to fly for your pleasure or to become Airline Pilot, then you are at the right place. Our Flight Instructors are regularly involved in real airlines operations. They are also ready to transfer all their passion to you.
Star Aviation Academy is ready to teach you all you need to do Sport Aviation or Professional Aviation. 

Star Aviation
STANFORD Consulting

EXpertise and EXperience - EX².

Since de begining, STANFORD Consulting is the right division to help all size of company with high qualified IT consultants people.
Insurance, Banking, Energy are our main key fields of competence centers and our team is trained to setup IT projects of any kind of size.

STANFORD Consulting

Protecting Your Data.

Cloud computing and backup services: there are our specialities to help from large company to SME and to protect data by strong encryption.
We also have tailorised solution for hosting IT infrastructures. Solutions that provides to our customers a full access to their hosted infrastructure every where in the world 24/7.